"That's Where Our Dream Was Born"

My wife and I met at College in Quebec. She grew up farming and I was raised in the city. After experiencing life at her parent's farm, I fell in love with the lifestyle. Thats where our dream was born. We wanted a place where family and work are one.
We got married and years later we started our own organic family farm. Our vision of working together as a family had come to life. Today, 25 years later, we look back over the years and are so thankful to God for the choice we made. We have strong family ties that have kept us together through thick and thin. Life continues here on the farm, our children taking charge as they implant their own ideas and energy into this small but rewarding operation.

How we farm

Our farm has 22 acres of wood and 23 acres of farmland. We grow vegetables on 5 acres and the rest is in pasture or cover crops.
We strongly believe in Organic farming and in being good stewards of the land God gave us. We rotate our crops adding compost, minerals and keeping our soil alive with all our microscopic friends.
We have three hothouses which are also in rotation with a variety of 

greens and vegetables.
We love our work and we are pleased to offer you fresh-from-the-farm produce.


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